About Brion Conklin was a student for just 6 months before he learnt the skills needed and the consistent focus to become financially free through real estate.

Brion was needing to receive a passive income of $10,000 a month in order to financially retire. He worked hard and diligently and was well rewarded with his first piece of real estate. This piece of real estate will provide a monthly passive income of $10,000 – $15,000 a month. This is the power of coaching from someone who’s done it himself!


“One week of Ian‘s coaching has transformed my life, it’s change me within the time span of one week. He gives you actionable items that you can execute upon right away”



"Customer service is Ian‘s preeminence, and I think just to make sure that we as students know how to treat another and build relationships is Key to any networking and building a business as an entrepreneur"


"I was given so much content by Ian, He talked about being a published author on Amazon. He’s no bullshit it’s real, real estate, real Business coaching with real things actually happening"



“He’s telling us about customer service which is sorely lacking today, and as someone who is building a new business this is something I really need to take it to heart because I want to be there, and I want to give my customers a WOW experience”

“I love Ian, he’s very engaging and likes to make people laugh, He always puts a fresh spin on everything and always does such a great job”

“He’s so good, he tells it the way it is and that’s exactly what I like, real, be real, he’s always himself and I love him for that'“


"Ian has such great knowledge that he extends his personal stories to help us understand little bit more and that was my experience. So that really helped me to get through what I needed to get through a lot faster"

"He is such a knowledgeable guy."


“I’ve spent the last two days with ian and he really gives so much content and value I would’ve happily paid $2000 to $3000 just to hear the content but I’ve heard the past two days”

“Everything he said was resounding and made you realize that you know what, he’s right”

“Ian is great, he’s young and he’s lively and achieve something that a lot of people haven’t done”

“A few of months ago Ian was referred to us. Since then we have found him to be a great hands-on coach and mentor. He has ensured that we are accountability with our set goals and objectives as well as being more focused in achieving them. Importantly for us Ian has enhanced our mindset by providing invaluable advice and guidance which will ensure our business goes beyond the stratosphere.
Approachable, honest and a great communicator, Ian has showed us by using simple ideas and techniques on how to maximize our time, be more efficient in what we do and effective in how we promote and brand ourselves. As a result our brand has seen significant and positive growth in clients, income and potential business.
It is said that when on a journey one must look at the people around them, one who has pushed and enriched them on that journey. We can honestly say that we count Ian as one of those persons who is supporting and enhancing our journey to greatness.”
You have been immense in our growth!

Pauline A. Clarke – Marketing Consultant, International Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Kwame M.A. McPherson – Writer, International Speaker, Mentor and Authorpreneur

“Ian, You have changed my life! Hearing you speak this weekend was so motivating that I have not only began to think of limitless possibilities but acting on them as you mention to JFDI. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!”

Kelly Wiegand


“I can highly recommend Ian to anybody who is setting up a business or if you have a business and it’s really not doing very well and want to take it to the next level. Ian is a very knowledgeable guy and I highly recommend him to anyone.”

Richard Harborne

Real Estate Investor

Ian, I just felt the need to take a moment to thank you for what you’ve helped me with. I would like to say you’ve helped me with work and my career but that’s not quite accurate.
I would like to say you’ve helped me in my personal life but I can’t say that either. 
 I would like to say you’ve helped my achieve levels of happiness and to see the world for what it is in ways I haven’t been able to in years. But I cannot say that.
The truth is I can’t say any one of these things because you’ve managed to help me in all of them. I have long seen people that just seem to have their life together and I wondered why, with all of my intellect and empathy why my life is not the same? It took me some time and the help of many for me to see that I was the one getting in my own way. But one thing has helped me more than any other in my quest to improve and that was my time with you. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone looking to improve themselves or their business without a shadow of reservation.
I realize everything in life is a journey and the journey to improve is the longest as it never ends and it’s never easy but I feel like I can see like I haven’t been able to before. 
So thank you mate, I hope someday I can repay you for the help and insight you’ve given me. Thanks brother, looking forward to that beer and some F1 races with you!!

John Preston

Distribution Dispatch Supervisor

Ian Houghton is my top 5 people that I've ever worked with. Especially when it comes to integrity and honoring his word. He is committed to finding a win solution for his clients, sometimes at the expense of himself. You won't find a better person to work with.

John Jeffers


I worked with Ian and I have to say I was blown away with how insightful he was to my needs. He has such a depth of knowledge but more importantly he has actionable steps to overcoming whatever problem you may face. He’s fun and funny to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone serious about committing to positive changes in their lives. Without a question Ian has the tools you need for change! Like Ian says... JFDI!

Julia Davis

Sales Development

It was a real pleasure to work with Ian, his ideas and concepts are amazing and we are introducing them into the business, one by one, but all with an attitude of JFDI. We have banned procrastination from our business thinking, and we are amazed just how much time it has freed up. Time we can now use on far more productive things. Cannot recommend Ian's ideas and concepts enough, and together with his methodology of JFDI, we can all be excited about the future growth of our business. This stuff really works!!

Calvin Stevens


I hired Ian to help me with issues I identified around expressing my thoughts and feelings. Since meeting with him regularly now, I I feel like I discovered a whole new area within my brain. The work I am doing with Ian is very revealing in the sense it helps me get deeper into the issues that is causing problems around not only my communication but also taking action, claiming my time and being an effective person overall. I feel like I am receiving tremendous love via his insights, knowledge and the tools to become a better version of myself. I really believe Ian comes from a place of pure intentions. He is always on time and does not mind if we actually go over time to ensure the message is received for that call. I really love what he brought to my life and very thankful for him as a teacher.

Selin Colako


“Thank you so much for the coaching sessions we held over the past few months. You made it easy to immediately connect with and to work through focusing on my ultimate purpose. I was touched when on our second meeting I hit a HUGE barrier and you stayed with me while I worked through it. You are about focusing on your client and I am ready to bravely take on the world thanks to you. Clients who are fortunate enough to get you as their coach better be ready to receive massive value and learn how to provide the same to their clients.”

Gail Kraft

Presenter, Author and Business Mentor



“I was absolutely blown away, I was given so much content by Ian. He talked about being a publisher on Amazon. He’s no BS it’s ‘real’ real estate, real business coaching, real things actually happening people doing deals and thats what I really like about Ian, he’s a very genuine guy!”



“Love Ian, love his attitude and his lingo. Customer service is Ian’s preeminence and just make sure that we as students know how to treat another and how to build relationships and is key to networking and any building of businesses and being an entrepreneur!”



“Ian is great he just wants to help everybody his message is so crucial to today’s market because he is telling us about customer service which is sorely lacking today and as someone building a new business this is something that i really need to take to heart. I want to be their and give my customers a ‘wow’ service and customer service is really what its all about.”