Finding a life coach can be easier said than done. It’s hard to know where to find a life coach, how to choose a life coach, and what a life coach for personal development can even do for you. If you’re looking for results, life coaching is what you need, and this is where you can find it.

Ian Houghton and Donna Karan

Ian Houghton and Donna Karan

Ian Houghton and Michael Eisner

Ian Houghton and Michael Eisner

Ian Houghton and Kathy Ireland

Ian Houghton and Kathy Ireland

Ian Houghton has been a life coach in all kinds of industries, and he knows how to not only coach your business skills, but also your general life. His life-coaching knowledge is extensive, and his online life coaching is great for whatever you need, whether it’s personal coaching through some difficult challenges or help with a financial crisis.

It’s easy for business struggles to bleed into your personal life and vice versa. That’s why Ian’s approach can tackle each individually or both as a team, depending on what’s being influenced the most. Some people just need to know how to run their finances a little bit more accurately and effectively, which is something Ian has been doing for years, and he can pass that knowledge on to you.

On the other hand, you might need to know how to be supportive in a relationship -- unlike some other life coaches, who work only with business, Ian’s able to help you through personal issues as well.

Business struggles are a common denominator in all businesses; even the biggest of them all have problems now and then, and they’re constantly working with their own life coaches. No  business should run a coach free life -- every business has needs, and those needs are constantly changing as the society around us continues to do so as well. Ian knows a lot about change in business with his years of experience, first working as a salaried Director of Sales, then managing his family’s vacation business, then working freelance for incredibly large companies far and wide.

If instead you’ve been thinking about how to find a personal coach, Ian has exactly what you need. His personal business coaching skills work perfectly with people all across the world, and he has an amazing ability to take the information you would find at motivational speaker seminars and compress it down into personalized knowledge just for you. Rather than getting impersonal, generic tips from life coach seminars, Ian’s life coaching takes into account the things you need the most in particular.

Whether you’re having business struggles that could use the touch of a life coaching company or you’re just trying to find some personal coaching for issues outside of your business, Ian can help. You don’t have to keep wondering how to find a good life coach -- you’ve already found one.


Business Coaching Consultation


Do I Need a Business Coach?

Many business owners don’t like to think about using a business coach. They feel it means they’re admitting an inability to run their business well, or that they're not good enough to problem solve on their own. In fact, the opposite is true! Business coaches are there to take the knowledge you already have and turn it into industry gold by expanding upon skills that you already possess, but aren't taking advantage of.

If you're just starting out, you need to find a business coach that can help you ensure you've covered all your bases. On the other end of the spectrum, business coaching services can also be incredibly helpful for current owners, so you can know your business is the best it can be. Even further, his help isn't industry-specific; Ian's experience extends to many different industries, so he can teach you how to take advantage of the strategies that other businesses are using, then incorporate those into your own.

Ian has always had a passion for human psychology, and has studied it since the age of thirteen; this focused passion has given him the skills to understand how your personal life and your business life intersect – and make sure they intersect in the best way possible. Business coaching and life coaching are one and the same; if something is occupying your brain and ruining your focus, it's absolutely going to spill out into your business. Even if you're doing a good job at hiding it, so no one around you can tell what you're dealing with, the habits that you build up will affect the way you run your venture. It's also applicable vice versa; if your life is going well, then all of a sudden your business starts breaking down, it will directly impact your personal life.

Truly helpful business coaches and consultants don't just assist with your business. Ian believes that ensuring your life is in order is integral to the success of a venture, which is why he has the capability to not only help with the business side of things, but your personal life as well. With over 20 years of successful experience in coaching and consulting, Ian knows how to use that experience to help anyone and everyone work on both sides of the coin at once.

The Benefits of Hiring Business Coaches

You might not even know why you need a business coach, or what you'll get when one is helping you. When you're working with a top expert, their input will guide you in many different ways, assisting you to…

Become an effective, capable leader

As a business owner, you have to know how to lead your business in the best way possible. Every entrepreneur interacts with hundreds of people on a weekly basis, and the better those interactions are, the better your business will be. Ian has also developed a powerful system that will explode your communication skills, bringing them to a whole new level that you could never have imagined. The system Ian has created will make both your business life and your personal life run more accurately, more smoothly, and with less mistakes.

Focus your energy on important things

It's important for a business coach to teach clients how to manage tasks in the most productive way. It's tempting to focus all your energy on tasks you're heavily interested in, even if they're not an asset to the company or to the bottom line, but a business coach will help you decide how to successfully balance your interests with your business.

Discover weak points in your business and tighten things up

With every business, there will be some weak points and places where you could be making more money. All business coaching programs know that there are weak points in every venture, but only the top coaching firms will be able to pinpoint the issues and give you skills you need to correctly and efficiently address them.

How Does Coaching for Business Work?

Coaching businesses is all about understanding that everyone has talent, but they need to know how to apply it properly. If you've already established a business, you clear know a thing or two about the process. However, you might not be using your knowledge to the best of your abilities.

You need someone with successful experience who can look at your decisions from an objective viewpoint, and let you know exactly what is necessary as well as how to execute it.

If your business is currently doing well, the top coaches will enlighten you on habits and behaviors you exhibit which contribute to that success, as well as how to capitalize on them so you can proceed with your upward climb. If you maintain the right actions at the right times in the right areas of your business, you will succeed. The goal of business coaching is to identify and encourage these actions. If you're seeking out a business coaching firm because you're struggling, then a business expert will help you identify the simplest explanations as to why. Then, they'll coach you into a position where those weaknesses become your strengths.

Life business coaching services are all about understanding both business behaviors and personal behaviors. The reason that big businesses change tactics so frequently is because the CEOs take advantage of these kinds of services. They lead their company so well because they’re not on this journey alone; they let a highly experienced second pair of eyes help them.

By taking advantage of this, you're following in the footsteps of the greatest CEOs and business owners. Business coaching organizations are an integral part of their work, and if you want real success in your life and business, small business coaching services should be an integral part of your work as well.

What is Ian's Approach to Business Coaching?

Personal and Professional Experience. 

Part of Ian's drive to become a top business coach derived from his firsthand knowledge of how personal behaviors affect business. When he was just breaking into the industry, he spent time watching the way his parents interacted with their business. They were pulling in around a million pounds a year, but they weren't doing it in the best possible way. They were extremely stressed and working all the time, and even though they were making good money, they knew there was money being left on the table. They knew they could make their business better, they just didn't know how in the beginning.

Evaluating Life and Work

Ian brings you that know-how as a personal coaching assistant. He can help you examine the habits you use in running your business to find out what you're doing wrong, and then introduce industry tips that he’s spent his life learning, so you can will those habits into something useful rather than harmful. He's capable of not only looking through your business, but also looking into your personal life, and seeing if there are any issues that are negatively impacting your strategies. This is a scary process, but it's integral to true success. Ian knows that there are patterns in life – patterns of success and patterns of failure – and he can recognize those configurations immediately, and stop failure before it even happens. By making even just tiny adjustments, he can help you shift the outcome to be more desirable.

Not a “One Size Fits All”

When you hire someone who knows how to coach business, you're effectively asking them to highlight areas that you’re possibly overlooking – then giving you a push in the right direction.

Ian's business coaching skills and coaching workshops are centered around the fact that he's coached a huge range of businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide, and they've all worked best with something different. You'll work best with something unique, too – not even the best business coaches have a one-size- fits-all plan. But Ian's experience with top business coaching companies means he can help you create a plan to successfully get both your life and your business back under control, rather than relying on business coaching companies to do it for you.

Many companies just give you a solution to your current problem, then leave you to figure it out for yourself; Ian helps you build a whole new toolbox so that you can use the skills he teaches you for any future problems that may arise.

Get Started Today

If you want to take the best business coach home and kick-start your business, contact Ian now for real business coaching, with the knowledge of top business coaching firms and a personal touch.

LIFE COACHING Consultation


Why Would I Need a Life Coach?

Some people ask, "Do I really need life coaching" You might think that a personal coach is a waste of time, because you can handle your problems yourself, like you may have been doing for months or even years. It might not seem worth it to find a life coach when you can just buy a self-help book off the shelf.

The truth is, a really helpful life coach will guide you in building the habits and thought processes that let you interact with the world around you in a way that is healthy, supportive, and truly fulfilling. They can shape your personal life in a way that the generic knowledge of a self-help book can't.

There are an abundance of people out there who seem to have it all – a well-maintained business, a steady income, even a loving support system – but are still not truly fulfilled internally. A life coaching expert will be able to understand what you're worried about and uncover the real issues behind this. Sometimes the complications are very easy to fix, and you just need an impartial eye; sometimes, however, they're more deeply ingrained, and you may need to find closure with other problems in your life, as well as clarity with your current issues.
In these cases, a more thorough evaluation – and actionable strategy – is needed.

If you feel like something's wrong, like it’s holding you back, when you want to graduate to the next level of accomplishments, or you just don't feel fully fulfilled, the life coach tips that come from an expert are imperative toward overcoming those issues.

What Will A Life Coach Expert At Their Best Help Me With?

Many people ask, "What is life coaching about?" In reality, it’s a process, not an action. If you are facing a particular challenge, a life coach will help you look through your problem and find the root cause, or help you understand the real issues blocking your path that may not be obvious. When you find a professional to deliver the life coaching tips necessary, you'll have to plan on laying yourself bare. A good expert will be able to give you the self help coaching you need for your particular scenario; every person is different and every challenge is different, but a professional knows that each obstacle does have a solution.

However, there are some things that people who need a life coach usually require improvement with. When you find that professional, they'll usually be able to help you do a few different things.

Figure out your purpose

There's nothing worse than not really understanding why you're doing what you're doing.

What are your goals?

What are your ambitions?

Where do you see yourself in five, ten, twenty years?
A quality personal life coach helps you discover those things and redefine how you see yourself, both now and in the future.

Make your relationships stronger

Everyone's lives run on relationships, there's no way around it. Everything you do in your life relies on you being able to make and maintain strong connections, and not having those skills can easily make you stressed out and upset. Good personal coaches will help you to strengthen your relationships and improve how you operate day to day.

Learn to monitor yourself for the future

The best skill you can have is the ability to really know yourself. You have the unique aptitude to understand why you do the things you do and why you feel the way you feel. When you get a life coach, they'll be able to see things that you can't, so they can help during the time you need most. They can help you understand what, exactly, has happened to lead to these problems, and can uncover both outside circumstances that you can't help and behaviors that you can change. Personal coaches can also help you understand the overlying issues at work in most of your problems, so you can handle your own life a little more easily.

How Do I Find A Life Coach?

Every day, more and more people go to find a life coach because they know they're missing something, but they just don't know what it is. Of course, that leads to many questions –

"Where can I find a life coach?"

"Do I need a life coach?" 

"How do I find a good life coach?" 

– and none of them have easy answers.

Understand What They Can and Can’t Do

A personal coach is not a therapist.

In fact, most people who reach out to a life coach and personal development clinic feel like they could keep handling their life exactly the same way they are right now; they're just using unhelpful behaviors that are holding them back. A personal coaching program is about isolating those behaviors and substituting new ones that can help you grow and change, making you more personally fulfilled, as well as letting you interact more comfortably with those around you.

When you get a life coach, you'll need to make sure that you're actually ready to make that change. You can't get life coaching if you're not going to actually recognize that you need life coach tips to make things better.

These experts aren't able to find a person, guide them in a one-sided relationship, and suddenly make everything better. You'll have to help your coach find life inside yourself, rather than just expecting them to be able to make everything better.

Not Just Any Pick

The internet is a great way to find life coaching companies. From free online life coaching to life coaching seminars available all over the world, you can find thousands of people who provide the service you’re seeking online. What you need to look for, however, is someone who understands and sympathizes with you. Ian's life coach services are geared toward uncovering and fixing the real issues. Rather than just unhelpfully covering the symptoms with a bandage, he believes in treating the cause using a full life coach and personal development clinic.

Identify and Excel

At the end of the day, plenty of people grow unhealthy habits. It's not a question of if you have unhealthy habits, but a question of what you can do to change them. When you find a life coach online, they can help you in many ways. Life coaching can help you with results, life coaching can help you with internal processes, and life coaching can help you with your personal relationships.

Contact Ian today for personal coaching that will improve you and everything you do, no matter what those things happen to be.