Most of Ian’s strategies have little to no cost implications but generate massive returns; perfect for business owners who desperately need improvements but cannot afford to spend vast amounts of money. These are simple to implement and highly powerful.

Ian’s business and personal branding consulting focuses on the following areas:

  • Operational efficiency – ensuring that your business is firing on all cylinders and maximizing productivity while controlling costs
  • Business development and sales strategies – analyzing your business and discovering untapped sales opportunities
  • Systems development and strategic planning – evaluating how to create the proper systems and processes that will allow your business to run smoothly at all times
  • Customer service and experience – creating memorable experiences that result in return business and a cost-effective army of satisfied customers who selflessly promote your brand
  • Product line development – identifying additional brand-appropriate product offerings that are easy to implement and will expand your revenue-generation opportunities
  • Staff training – ensuring that you have the correct staff placed into the correct positions so that you can leverage their strengths and deliver unmatched, consistent customer experiences, while having them produce at their optimum level
  • Personal and business branding – discovering how to brand yourself and your business correctly so that you differentiate yourself from the competition and win ALL the time, this WILL annoy your competitors
  • Marketing, promotions, digital and internet marketing campaigns – leveraging social media campaigns that will increase your brand’s awareness, drive traffic and revenue; learn how to use data and statistics to understand exactly where your business is and how to get it to where you want it to be
  • Maximizing your business profits for optimal sale value – increasing your business’ value so that when you want to sell, you will command top dollar


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