Probably the biggest problem across all business and industries. Yet if set up correctly will be the most powerful part of your business. 

Have you ever gone away for a period of time and left your business in the hands of your staff, only to return and find yourself picking up the pieces? This happens very simply because you have not created the systems and processes in which your business runs. 

It is impossible for your business to run efficiently and effectively if you have not set it up to run that way.

I'm going to show you how to run your business off the most powerful technology in business. You will learn how to run your business of very simple data and graphs.


Business Tech

We are going to show you how to run your business off the most powerful technology in business. You will learn how to run your business of very simple data and graphs. 

We will show you what data you need to be looking at and how to make it work powerfully for your business.

Business Decisions

The graphs will show you exactly what is working and what it not and you will be able to make accurate decisions based off those graphs alone.

All the guess work will be taken out, allowing your business to finally run smoothly, whether you are there or not. All you need to do is view the data and the graphs. Powerful!

We work together with you to show you what mistakes are being made within your business, then show you exactly how to fix them! Although possibly time consuming to do, it is hands down one of the most important areas you need to address in your business. Without this you will always be picking up the pieces when you get back to your business.

I can either:

1. Show you how to do this

2. Hold your hand as you do this yourself with our guidance


3. Do this for you!

Leaving you to make sure that your business always runs efficiently and effectively while you are home or away.

But wait there's more!

No longer will you make decisions based of plucking them out of thin air. Instead we will show you how to make accurate decisions based off important data that you will receive weekly. This data will allow you to make decisions while at the office or... on the beach!

Business Development & Sales Strategies

Analyzing your business and discovering untapped sales opportunities.

Business Development

Many businesses fail to see where their business currently stands and where their business can or should be going.

With years of success, we highlight where your business is, find out your desired direction and show you exactly how to get there. Often just the understanding of where you currently are give your the information as to where you should be going. Sometimes being 'stuck in the weeds' could our vision and our judgement. We strip that away for you and give you a clear vision of all you need to know. 

Sales Strategies 

We have noticed that businesses do not necessarily sell all the products and services that their customers are asking for. This is one of the most simple and effective ways to grow your bottomline. 

We have a simple system that can grow your bottom line almost over night and without any cost implications. If you are looking for ways to grow your businesses bottomline, increase sales and increase the value of your business, you must contact us today. 

Systems Development & Strategic Planning

Evaluating how to create the proper systems and processes that will allow your business to run smoothly at all times.

Probably one of the most powerful parts to any business and often the biggest one forgotten. Lets explain it this way.

Systems Run A Business, People Run The Systems

It is as simple as that. This is hands down the biggest reason businesses run into problems. When people get into business they move into it with great vision and then reality hits and all of a sudden they are swamped, or they are dead.

If your business is not running under a tight system you are with question on your way to failure. Stress, overwhelm, worry, badly performing staff are all great examples of a none systemized business. 

It does not have to be this way. Creating your businesses system should be your highest priority, if it is not, then it should be now you have read this. 

It is not expensive to create your system but it is time consuming. If you do not have the time or resources to get this done, then you must contact us today!

Every single day that your business goes by without a tight system you are edging closer and closer to catastrophic failure.

How else do you think McDonalds, one of the globes biggest companies, is run by teenagers..? Systems, it's as simple as that!

Customer Service & Experience

Creating memorable experiences that result in return business and a cost-effective army of satisfied customers who selflessly promote your brand.

Our founders pure PASSION - CUSTOMER SERVICE and Customer experience

He also became a bestselling author on this subject. 

I want to tell you something right now that most business owners miss. Customer service and customer experience are hands down the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to grow a business, period!

Service is free, experience is free. 

You know as well as we do that many many businesses out there have some of the worst custom service, and yet some of them still survive, they still live to tell the tail.

There is only one way to build a recession proof business, and that's customer service. 

If you look at any business that you deal with either on a business or personal level, if they provide you with outstanding customer service you probably continue to go back again and again. 

Look at a business that provides you with terrible customer service, and you probably never go back to them or if you do it is because they are the only ones who do what they do.

Service and experience can be a systemized process but delivered by your staff. This is something you must have total control and knowledge of if you want your business to be profitable and successful. 

Product Line Development

Most business owners are often so caught up in running their business selling their product or service, that they often miss what they are not selling.

This means that there are often a number of products or services that you don’t offer your customer that they want to buy from you. By understanding what your customers want and offering it to them opens up a new world of income and potential profits.

Together we will look at what you currently offer and look at other products or services that your customers are wanting to buy. By growing what you offer to your customers will drastically increase your income and bottomline.

This simple yet often overlooked process is the difference between unlocking massive hidden profits or simply treading water where you currently are.

Staff Training

Ensuring that you have the correct staff placed into the correct positions so that you can leverage their strengths and deliver unmatched, consistent customer experiences, while having them produce at their optimum level.

Staff can make or break a company. You have dealt with it yourself. Staff can either be a delight to work with or an absolute nightmare. There is a very simple system to hiring staff and if adhered to correctly will explode your business, or if handled incorrectly will implode your business. 

Making sure that your staff are not only correctly trained but are highly knowledgeable on your product or service as a must. We have the correct training to get your staff exactly where they need to be. We can find out who are the bad members of staff and who are the ones ready to shine.

You cannot ignore this, it is crucial for business success. You know as well as we do that when you deal with a fantastic member of staff they make you want to buy again. On the flip side, a bad member of staff will make sure you never go back again either. 

There is nothing worse that a member or members of staff that are under-knowledged in their jobs. We can help you find out who those are and show you what you need to do to get their knowledge where it needs to be. 

Contacts us now for immediate results in your staff. 

Peronal & Business Branding

Creating a strong business and personal brand is something that can and will change both your life and your business.

Often many business owners believe they have a strong business brand and together we will really investigate just how strong your brand is and ways to increase the strength on your brand too. However what is always overlooked is you personal brand. This means how are people perceiving you?

Usually if you have a strong business brand then this business brand becomes your personal brand too. However at times with all the work we have to do to keep our business running, we can overlook just where our brand is and how our brand is perceived by our customers.

We will work together and create you a really powerful business brand if you do not already have one. If you already have a strong business brand we will look to see how we can strengthen it. We will also begin to work on your personal brand which is something most people often forget about. When you build a strong personal brand everything changes. Life becomes easier, business becomes easier, people will want to do business with you and more often.

A strong personal brand will open doors that were once closed, it will make your entire life easier to run. It is something so powerful that to truly understand it you must live the life and then you’ll realize just what you have been missing out on.

Marketing, Promotions, Digital & Internet Marketing Campaigns

Leveraging social media campaigns that will increase your brand’s awareness, drive traffic and revenue; learn how to use data and statistics to understand exactly where your business is and how to get it to where you want it to be.

get more leads, more CUSTOMERS

As JFDI Global Consulting well knows, we live in a digital world. We can connect with people all over the world in the blink of an eye. We can also get more leads and more clients just from digital marketing and campaigns. 

We can show you how to use todays technology to not only achieve all this but we can also show you how to use simple 'in business' promotions to get you more notice by your customers and new customers. There are some simple strategies that if used correctly can be highly powerful. 

The guessing game ends

No longer do you have to guess, hope or even pray for customers to come in, but instead using the tried and tested solutions for generation leads and clients makes finding clients easy.

If this is not a strategy that you are currently using, then you are about to experience one of the easiest, most effective and powerful ways to find clients and customers than ever before.

Maximising Profits for Optimal Sale Value

Probably the biggest area for any business owner yet an area that is so often over looked.

Did you know that over 80% of businesses have zero exit strategy!

Can you actually believe that, over 80% of businesses, WOW!

I will tell you from firsthand experience that if you do not have an exit strategy for your business, you are jus plain wasting your time. Having been a part of a family business that really focused on the exit strategy I cannot even begin to tell you just how incredibly powerful and important it is to make sure that you have a solid exit strategy. Not only an exit strategy but a solid plan for your exit.

You business has always been a vehicle to provide you an income annually. However if you strategically build a business based on the fact that one day you will sell it, you can add tremendous value to it. You may think that your income is great now, however the real money is made when you sell you business.

Let me give you a real life example.

When my parents had their business, they made a great income from it, a great six figure income every year. When all bills were paid they still had surplus funds in their bank for vacations or whatever they wanted. However, when they sold their business for over $20 million, well you can imagine how that kind of money changed their life. From a great six figure income now to a place where they do not have to worry about retirement, and have more than enough money in the bank to live a very good life. Not only that but they now have money to leave their family for generations to come.

if you do not have an exit strategy then you need one or your really just wasting your time in your business. This is true wealth, true financial stability.