How To Improve Customer Service- Know The Secrets

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How To Improve Customer Service- Know The Secrets  Everyone is well aware of the fact that customers are all important to any business. So, the very first step you should take is to provide the best customer service at all costs. If you think that you lack in that area, find ways and techniques to improve your customer service. Online is the word  In order to know how to improve customer service, you can go over the web and get valuable information. Ian Houghton’s The JFDI Way To Increasing Profits Through Outstanding Customer Service is a very useful book that lets you know the various ways through which you can... Read More

Know How To Get More Customers With Ian Houghton

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Know How To Get More Customers With Ian Houghton  While getting customers to one’s business may be a simple thing for some, but many a times it has been observed that most companies fail to do so. The reason- they do not have sufficient knowledge on how to do so. Also, even if some business gets the new customers, they find it hard to retain them. Learn the ways  So, in order to know how to get more customers, you can certainly take professional help. There are several business experts who offer training, lessons, advice and more to the businesses who wish to attract more customers. But, how to find that perfect... Read More

Importance And Need For Customer Service Training Courses

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Importance And Need For Customer Service Training Courses Importance of customer service can surely not be underestimated and that too in the current times. Gone is the time when customers used to get satisfied by merely getting a quality product. Now, the modern day consumers are interested in whole package that the service provider offers, a huge ingredient being good customer service. Why customer service is crucial?  Building and maintaining nice brand image is important to a business to encourage the repeat customers and attract the new, potential ones. For this, companies these days use customer support or customer... Read More

Customer Service Excellence- Achieve It The Houghton Way!!!

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Customer Service Excellence- Achieve It The Houghton Way!!!   Any business which is serious about providing great customer service needs to consider the adoption of a standardized approach in order to have the best of customer service excellence. Businesses thus need to give their staff and especially the customer care staff proper coaching and training on how to meet and address the customers in a polite and helping way. More so, this type of training should then be backed up by code of conduct, the charter on the manner in which one can deliver best customer service. How to excel in customer service excellence?  When... Read More

7 Secrets To Client Relationship Management

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Client Relationship Management With Ian Houghton  One of the sure fire ways to boost client loyalty is through making them larger part of the business exchange program. Through providing every client the kind and level of attention they deserve, you can definitely have repeating clients and customers in no time. Also, through having a nice client relationship management system, you can turn an average client into a repeating one with much ease. 1) Know your business  In order to provide the best of client service, you need to make them know your business, services and products in detail. At the same time, it is... Read More

Provide Best Consumer Satisfaction

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Provide Best Consumer Satisfaction With The JFDI Way If you are aware of the importance and value of consumer satisfaction, then why do you always put it in last priority? Just because you think that the customers will come back because they need your products and services? You are mistaken then! The consumers have a number of options/businesses to go to when they need something. Have you realized why they come back to you even if you have a similar product or service than your competitor? That might be because of your Customer service. Yes! You got it right. Importance of customer satisfaction and support  Consumer... Read More


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Attitudes In this video you will learn: How the customer reacts to bad attitudes How bad attitudes hurt your business How so many businesses don't even look at areas like this that can either be so harmful or can positively affect your business How it's totally unacceptable to have a bad attitude in your business How your staff can let you down if they have not been trained properly How by watching other businesses you can catch their mistakes and make sure they don't happen in your business How none of this is Rocket Science


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Systems In this video you will learn: What a system is What holds so many businesses back from becoming successful How some of the top companies in the world implement systems and why The benefit of systems How you can easily implement a system TODAY Why systems are important to our business running successfully How mistakes are some of the best things to ever happen to our business What areas of your business can be systemized How to take mistakes out of the equation within your business How detailed you need to be in a system in order for it to work How to get staff to have the same level of... Read More

Success / Failures

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Success / Failures In this video you will learn: How to embrace business failures That failures can be some of the best things that can happen to us How to look at things differently That most highly successful people have failed, yet attribute their success to their failures About patterns, both good and bad, and how you can recognize them in order to create more success in your business That overcoming fear and harnessing its energy can turn you around to success How most of our lessons are learnt through our failures, if we are consciously aware of it How you can become more successful through your... Read More


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Staff In this video you will learn: The most common mistake employers will make when hiring and employe Crucial information about choosing staff The guidance that staff need in order to work at their highest level How sometimes a potential member of with no qualifications can sometimes be the best person to hire How a construction company in Pennsylvania became recognized as a leader what it takes to look after staff That by telling your staff what they can be fired for will actually generate a better work environment How just one bad member of staff can ruin your business That when finding the... Read More

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