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I'm In Love With Lima, Peru! 🇵🇪

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MY Business Is Out Of Control… Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

On a recent business trip to Lima, Peru I had my eyes opened by opportunity both for South American businesses and me!

I’ve spent my entire life involved in business from being born into a big business, to traveling the world showing other business owners what we did to become so successful in our own business.

Recently Carl from Lima, Peru reached out to me for some help with his operations in his business. Carl had a unique business and very niche too, which I love. He has a bar in the centre of Lima that creates the perfect Pisco Sour, but his business was driving him crazy. He was working all day and night, constantly fixing problems in every area of his business.

Enjoying A Pisco Sour With Carl

Enjoying A Pisco Sour With Carl

The problem that Carl’s business had and in fact almost every business worldwide has, is that they have put no time into the actual operation of the business. 

Here’s the problem… running a business is bloody hard work, there is literally a ton of different things to do. How on earth is anyone expected do view every area of their business? It’s almost impossible. It’s actually not but it is very difficult. Unless you have someone showing you how to do everything.

You need to look at the business from a 50,000 foot view. How do you want it to run. 

Think about it this way, if this was a perfect world and perfect business, what would it look like? I have some good news for you, this is a perfect world and a perfect business if ‘we’ focus on making it that way. 

Then… from the 50,000 foot view, you have to zoom right in to the granular detail. 

So if when looking at your business from above you see how you want it to run, you then have to zoom into all the areas of your business to make sure it runs that way.

The way you do that is create a system on this. 

Now what is a system..? It’s a recipe of how to do something correctly.

If you try to bake a loaf of bread and forget a key ingredient, the bread is ruined. This is exactly the same with your business too. If just one step is missing from how your business should run, then at some point it will show its weakness to you by highlighting the problem. This can be a small problem, or this could be a huge bank breaking problem.

If you are not in control of your business, your business is in control of you.

You need to grab the ‘bull by the horns’ and get control of your business back. Do not sit there and wait for these problems to arise, hunt them down and tackle them head on by creating a bigger, better, more bulletproof system to make sure that never happens again. One of the ways that you can do this is to create a list of business operations for your business, if your business is big enough create a business operations department and a business operations manager.

This right here is the reason why so many business owners leave to go on vacation with a great running business, and come home to a total disaster. This is why millions of business owners never even go on vacation for the fear of something bad happening to their business while they are away.

Tip of the day…

Any area where you have a problem in your business is an area that is without a system. 

It literally is as simple as that. Where you have a problem or constant problems in your business, is where your system needs to be tightened up, even if that means completely redoing a newer and more robust system.

Every business that I deal with, there are systems and processes that need to be created or tweaked/changed. Often just by going through this process in every area of your business you’ll be surprised just how much better you can get your business running. I have done this with hundreds of businesses and the transformation is amazing at times. 

Not only that but you will be amazed where you see places where you can save money, and saving money in your business, is bottomline to your business. You may think how is this possible, however going through ‘a’ process of anything can show you areas where it can be improved. Often just improving one area of your business can release money that was unnecessarily going into expenses that can now go in the bank instead.

Technology… Last thing here!

Do not underestimate how technology can drastically improve the operations of your business too. Often whatever problem you have in your business there is either small business operations software to fix it, or an app or online support. Don’t underestimate the types of products and services out there to help you do what you do better and easier!

PS. If you too are a South American business reading this, reach out to me now. I have so many simple strategies you can implement now to change your business around. You live in a GOLDMINE! Why? Because hardly any business is run correctly, and this opens the door to you to literally clean up. Not just through what I’m saying in this article but social media not being used correctly, the dissemination of information not being done correctly, data gathering not being done at all. I could go on and on. 

Goodbye Lima… I will Miss You. Thank You For Reminding Me Of The Importance Of Business Operations

Goodbye Lima… I will Miss You. Thank You For Reminding Me Of The Importance Of Business Operations

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I thought that I would leave you with some great photos of beautiful Lima!