​Why Is Customer Service So Important?


Customer service is the single biggest impact you can make in your business, and the best part is it’s absolutely free to implement!

Let me say that again... it’s Free!!

When I was a little boy I had the great opportunity to travel around the world with my parents to experience world-class customer service from the best of the best. My parents did this for one specific reason, they knew the huge value and importance that outstanding customer service has in a business.

What’s interesting to understand is this. Customer service has always been the most powerful part of any businesses success. So many businesses constantly look for new ways to bring in new customers. Yet have you noticed when they get a new customer how bad they look after the customer?

So they end up wasting all of this money to bring in new customers only to not look after them when they do come in. How does any of this make sense? Yet you see it in almost every business.

Let me ask you a question, have you ever bought a product or service from a business or person that you didn’t necessarily want or need yet, you were treated so great that you felt compelled to have to buy it?

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If you’re anything like me and most people the answer is yes. In this plain and simple example but you can see the huge power of customer service, yet today hardly any businesses focus on this old and powerful business value. This is something written about over a hundred years ago.

The psychology behind customer service is simple. When you stop treating a customer like any ‘normal’ customer, and instead treat them like you would treat a best friend not only will you make the customer happy, not only will you increase the initial transactional value, but you will make that person want to come back and buy from you again and again and again.

Now look at that, you have built value with that individual who wants to keep coming to buy more and more from you. Rather than not looking after them correctly in the beginning, and expecting that they’re going to come back to you.

Why would anyone go back to anybody else when they have not been treated correctly? It makes total sense. I know if you look back to any instances that this may have happened to you, you will find this to be true. This is how to build the lifetime value of a customer.

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True business success comes from repeat business from repeat customers.

So working on all areas of customer service within your business is not only going to bring you in repeat business from existing customers, but it’s also going to increase the level of morale inside of your business. Why? Because now everyone is happy, customer, business owner, staff etc.

Both customers and staff can see and feel the morale inside of the business. You must all come together understand the businesses vision and move forward making the correct decisions based off what is correct for that business.

Here’s how you do it.

Come up with a plan on how you want your business to run when it comes to your customer service policy. What parts of your business are touched by the customer? Should there be outstanding service in all these areas? What would this look like? Write each area of your business out and then fill in how the service should be carried out.

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Once you’ve written it out then you must implement it.

To do this you must bring everyone together and retrain them in the ‘new’ way of doing things. Train them train them and train them! Then watch them, how do they perform? If it’s not quite right, instead of telling them off for getting it wrong, you pull them back in a train them again.

It’s your duty as the business owner to make sure your staff run your business the way you want it to be run. If your staff are just not good enough then that comes down to you again. If they won’t train then it’s time to replace them. What it’s not time for is to ignore the bad service and bad staff as this will literally tear your business apart. I’ve seen it happen way too often.

For you to make a real success of your business you absolutely must adopt a customer service strategy. If you don’t have one and you need help then reach out to me and let’s JFDI!

The next article will be on customer experience. It works absolutely hand in hand with service and once again it’s free to implement.