If you’re looking for the best business coach in the industry, with incredible life business coaching services to put you over the top, look no further -- contact Ian today to move forward as a successful business owner.


Whether you’re looking for life coaching or business coaching, you need someone who has experience... period, but also someone who has the skills to help you understand how to incorporate that experience into your daily life. The men who coached for game-changers like Michael Jordan and Joe Montana weren’t better at playing the game, but they knew how the game was played, and they knew how to make great men even better.

Ian Houghton has the personal life coaching skills to really help you change your life for the better, and follows that up with the best business coaching in the industry, so you can go from a great businessperson to a truly exceptional businessperson. Ian's experience as an international speaker, Director of Sales, and real estate investor put him in a unique position to help businesses and business directors across the board. From generating millions of dollars of revenue as Director of Sales to entering his family's luxury vacation business at an incredibly young age to even personally being inducted into the International Investors Hall of Fame by Robert Kiyosaki, Ian has proven that he's great at what he does, and he's dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve that kind of success.

One of the best things about working with Ian is that he is extremely creative about coming up with innovative and creative solutions to all kinds of problems. Even friends come to him for advice based on his out-of- the-box resolutions, especially because many of them require no money to implement. When business owners come to Ian, it’s rare that they need to pull out funds; he’s of the opinion that some of the best solutions are cost-free. He’s creative with increasing profits, driving attention on social media to enhance brand recognition, making sure the staff and the company have great synergy, and other helpful tools along those lines.

At the core of Ian’s system is a knowledge of how business and personal experience work together. Not only has he personally worked in multiple industries, but he’s been able to help other people in a wide variety of industries as well, which has let him learn about the way business works in those areas. After working with and helping so many different people, Ian has a repertoire of skills that is extremely deep and extremely wide. Even if you have a problem he’s never run up against, he’s able to extrapolate from the things he’s already done to bring you a bold and effective solution.

Ian’s experience as a business owner made him realize that he was uniquely positioned to help people with less experience transform their dreams into something more tangible. He knows it’s not enough to just have a great idea -- thousands of people have great ideas, but it’s not every day that those ideas actually succeed. His goal is to combine a life coaching service and a business coaching company, creating a system unlike anything else. He focuses on the habits and thought processes that are responsible for the creation of a good business owner, then helps you implement those skills, so you can combine the two and become a true powerhouse of business.