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 Ian Houghton

Become the best person that you can be; have real clarity in your life and your business.
Our life and business coaching services will help you take your successes and translate them into something even larger. You don't need to waste your time – get started today and find ultimate fulfillment in a new, refreshing world.


Business Coaching

  • Do you feel you are leaving money on the table in your business?
  • Are you utterly frustrated by the fact that you know your business should be achieving more than it is?
  • Are you constantly working, with no time for your personal life?
  • Do you need someone to come in who can not only point out your problem areas, but give you the real information you need to fix them for good?
  • Do you need someone to marry your business life and your personal life so they work in harmony together?

      Our business coaching services set you up for success not only now, but in the future.

Life Coaching

  • Are you looking for a life coach that has the skills and real life experience to help you understand your personal life more clearly?
  • Do you need someone who can give you actionable tools to be able to not only handle, but overcome any obstacle that life throws at you?
  • Are you trying to find life coaches with the right touch for your situation?
Let us show you how to find a good life coach that understands your needs so they can tailor their services as a life coach to your situation.
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Business Profitability and Exit Specialist

#1 Bestselling Author            International Keynote Speaker

Ian Houghton is the Best-Selling Author of the JFDI Way to Increasing Profits Through Outstanding Customer Service

Ian Houghton, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki

Ian Houghton, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki

Hall of Fame Real Estate Entrepreneur and Former Real Estate Investment Coach

Ian Houghton and Robert & Kim Kiyosaki 2009 Hall of Fame Inductee “With the correct knowledge you too can become highly successful as a Real Estate Investor”

In 2009 Ian Houghton was inducted into the ‘International Investors Hall of Fame’ by Real Estate mogul Robert and Kim Kiyosaki due to his outstanding achievements as a Real Estate Investor. Ian Houghton bought and owned 96 investment properties in under 12 months which were valued at over $4,500,000. He has used these skills to teach others how to become highly successful as a real estate investor and help them achieve their financial goals of becoming financially free forever. If you are interested in real estate coaching, Ian does from time to time take on new clients. Please contact Ian for availability.

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Ian Houghton Interviews 3 x Superbowl Champion and 2007 NFL Hall of Fame Michael Irvin about the importance of coaching and success!



Ian Houghton TV Appearences


Daily Flash TV

Ian Houghton talks about the importance of the speed of implementation and how it can have a profound impact on your life. To have Ian Houghton appear on your TV show or to book him to speak at your next event or consult please email him ian@ianhoughton.com

Daily Flash TV

In this interview you will see what stops us from doing all the things that we want to do in life. You will also discover exactly what to do to overcome that too and move forward into success with your life. To hire Ian Houghton for your TV show, speaking event or consulting please contact him at ian@ianhoughton.com

Daily Flash TV

Today Ian Houghton talks about the feeling of being overwhelmed, what it really means and how to make sure it never happens again. Contact Ian Houghton now for appearing on your TV show or to hire him as your next speaker or consultant. ian@ianhoughton.com

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