Ian Houghton

Tapping into his years of entrepreneurial expertise, Ian can help you to improve top- and bottom-line growth, streamline operations, exploit areas for sales growth, maximize staff productivity, and quickly implement winning strategies. Ian is a resourceful and results-driven business consultant with an aptitude for delivering innovative solutions and leveraging technology to foster win-win outcomes. The most common business obstacles that Ian will help you tackle are:

  • Operational inefficiencies that cut into revenue and and stifle productivity
  • A lack of new sales and an incohesive business development strategy
  • An absence of proper systems and strategic planning
  • Inconsistent or subpar customer service that fails to create memorable customer experiences
  • Neglecting additional and brand-appropriate product offerings, leaving easy revenue on the table
  • Inadequate staff training that affects your employee morale, creates inconsistent service, negatively influences
  • customer experience, and fails to leverage each employees’ strengths
  • Ineffective branding and marketing strategy and execution

An observant and attentive listener, Ian will collaborate with you to rapidly and accurately identify your business’ most critical challenges. He will then implement customized and effective solutions that increase revenue, save time, and maximize your profits!

Network With Ian:

#1 Bestselling Author

Ian Houghton is the Best-Selling Author of the JFDI Way to Increasing Profits Through Outstanding Customer Service

Award Winning Real Estate Entrepreneur and Coach

Ian Houghton and Robert & Kim Kiyosaki 2009 Hall of Fame Inductee “With the correct knowledge you too can become highly successful as a Real Estate Investor”

In 2009 Ian Houghton was inducted into the ‘International Investors Hall of Fame’ by Real Estate mogul Robert and Kim Kiyosaki due to his outstanding achievements as a Real Estate Investor. Ian Houghton bought and owned 96 investment properties in under 12 months which were valued at over $4,500,000. Today he uses these skills to teach others how to become highly successful as a real estate investor and help them achieve their financial goals of becoming financially free forever.

Ian Houghton Interviews 3 x Superbowl Champion and 2007 NFL Hall of Fame Michael Irvin about the importance of coaching and success!

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“I was absolutely blown away, I was given so much content by Ian. He talked about being a publisher on Amazon. He’s no BS it’s ‘real’ real estate, real business coaching, real things actually happening people doing deals and thats what I really like about Ian, he’s a very genuine guy!”



“Love Ian, love his attitude and his lingo. Customer service is Ian’s preeminence and just make sure that we as students know how to treat another and how to build relationships and is key to networking and any building of businesses and being an entrepreneur!”



“Ian is great he just wants to help everybody his message is so crucial to today’s market because he is telling us about customer service which is sorely lacking today and as someone building a new business this is something that i really need to take to heart. I want to be their and give my customers a ‘wow’ service and customer service is really what its all about.”
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